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Rising Momentum for Parts Cleaning & Surface Processing

Almost one year has passed since the SBS Group took over Ecoclean, the former Cleaning & Surface Processing business unit of Dürr AG. Many of you noticed the change of name and perhaps wondered what this new company stands for. We are still the same company, but under a new umbrella. In the one year since the acquisition we have dedicated our efforts to setting up our new independent organization, the SBS Ecoclean Group. Together with the Global Management Team we have focused on defining the paths required to transform a business unit into an independent company that will enable a bright future of expansion and innovation. In the meantime, we have defined Ecoclean’s values, how we will work together as a global team in 9 countries and how to deliver added value to our stakeholders. Through setting out our corporate vision, mission and values, we have laid the foundations for ensuring sustainable success.

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Hongsheng Guo, Managing Director & Group CEO
Dr. Zhisen Yu, Group CFO






Powerful Performance: EcoCspeed

Reliably cleans over 140 batches per hour

EcoCspeed: complete batch cleaning in 25 seconds

The demands placed on industrial component cleaning are continually increasing. More stringent cleanliness requirements, reductions in costs with a simultaneous increase in component quality, faster processes, and the integration of cleaning into existing production processes/lines are just some of the challenging new requirements that our customers face every day.

EcoCspeed, developed by Ecoclean, rises to these challenges. The chamber system for cleaning with solvents (non-halogenated hydrocarbons, polar solvents) is specifically tailored to individual customer requirements and excels in terms of efficiency and speed. It can be easily integrated into existing processes and production lines at the customer’s site and quickly delivers reliable cleaning results to ensure consistently high component quality.

At the customer’s request, EcoCspeed can be connected to remote service solutions. A secure data connection enables monitoring of process data and consumption figures as well as compiling of statistics.

Case study: Inline integration for cleaning press tube fittings
One case study shows how EcoCspeed integrates into the production process of a U.S. manufacturer of press tube fittings. In a total of five chambers, cleaning, steam degreasing, and vacuum drying are carried out concurrently and automatically after loading.

The system is operated through the use of individually configured chips. These chips are programmed for the various authorization levels with the corresponding permissions. This ensures that only competent, trained personnel can operate the system and have access to various system functions.

After manufacture, the parts to be cleaned due to contamination with oil and filings are individually transported to the system in suitable conveyor baskets, where they go directly into the cleaning process. One basket leaves the system every 25 seconds. The speed is individually adapted to the customer’s requirements and the manufacturing line cycle. The EcoCspeed achieves a throughput of more than 140 batches per hour.



In the manufacture of press fittings, the EcoCspeed runs directly in the customer’s production line. At more than 140 batches per hour, it is optimally designed for the production cycle.

The benefits at a glance

  • Secure application: chamber cleaning system for solvent cleaning
  • Extra-high throughput: more than 140 batches per hour with reliably high cleaning quality
  • Efficiency of use: cost-efficient and rapid integration into existing production processes, automation of the cleaning process
  • State-of-the-art system operation: operating chip for extra security; connection to remote service and secure data connection possible at customer request


Ecoclean Center of Competence Filderstadt
Tel. +49 (0)711 700 60
Email: sales.filderstadt(at)

Highest Degree of Precision in Surface Cleaning

When simply clean is not clean enough

Specialized cleanliness requires specialist partners. UCM has nearly 25 years’ experience in high-precision cleaning.

Technical components are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex in shape. This has led to a significant increase in the requirements placed on cleanliness and the reliability of cleaning results. Take, for example, a microlens. If the lens is not completely free of processing residue and fingerprints before the start of the next processing step, it is unusable. In this sector, reductions in quality not only cause commercial loss but also reputational damage.

In medical technology, the degree of precision in final cleaning can even be a matter of life and death. In this sector, simply clean is still not clean enough. Here, cleaning processes require special
expertise and specialized solutions. 


The precision cleaning expert
UCM is the expert in the field of high-precision surface cleaning within the SBS Ecoclean Group. The Swiss company, based in Rheineck, has nearly 25 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of customized cleaning systems.

UCM offers optimized solutions ranging from in-process to final cleaning prior to packing. Products are specifically adapted to the high-level requirements placed on cleanliness in the fabrication of fine mechanics, precision optics, and medical components such as implants or medical devices. UCM’s special cleaning processes also optimize the coating adhesion applied through the PVD and CVD processes. The product portfolio ranges from aqueous to solvent, and from multi-stage to single chamber machines.


Typical components from the fields of medical technology, fine mechanics, precision optics, and the coatings industry.


Customized to individual needs
The sophisticated modular design allows UCM to tailor the system to specific requirements at its in-house technical research center. In trials with its customers’ original components, UCM determines the optimal process for a needs-based as well as a cost-efficient and energy-efficient solution. A solution that precisely matches the specific customer’s cleaning task.

To ensure that no residues remain on the microlenses, for example, UCM has developed specific take-up systems which are individually designed for the size and properties of the lenses. For medical implants, UCM adapts the drying method to national legal requirements. This way, UCM can guarantee the highest degree of cleaning precision for every component – everywhere!

For more information about Precision Parts Cleaning solutions visit: or contact our sales team directly at sales(at)

Local Offer matches local Requirements

Localization to match specific standards

The EcoCagile is particularly suitable for cleaning parts such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts and mechatronic components.

The EcoCagile is the first robotized cleaning system that Ecoclean localized for the Indian market. The cleaning system featured by Ecoclean is manufactured and distributed by our Indian subsidiary Mhitraa and adapted to specific local requirements. Our localization strategies are extended to provide customers in local markets with the best solutions to meet their specific cleanliness and process requirements.


The EcoCagile is designed for a variety of processes and is particularly suitable for cleaning parts such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts and mechatronic components. It perfectly complements Mhitraa’s existing product range. The subsidiary of the SBS Ecoclean Group is a specialist in water-based industrial cleaning systems and serves automotive and motorcycle manufacturers in India. The EcoCagile enables Mhitraa to contribute to the development process of automotive components with its broad knowledge of local specifications and customer needs. The local experts carefully reviewed which features are most important to meet the requirements of Indian customers.

Local demand, local offer
By localizing some strategic products, we are able to offer high-quality Ecoclean solutions that at the same time perfectly meet, for example, safety regulations and national guidelines,” explains Michael Förster, Managing Director of SBS Ecoclean Group’s Center of Competence in Monschau (Germany).


The SBS Ecoclean Group also pursues localization strategies in other markets, such as in the US and China. “Adapting to local requirements is becoming increasingly important if we want to stay competitive in international markets,” states Michael Förster. He concludes: “Right now we are examining which other Ecoclean products may be interesting for our Indian customers and could further complement our localization strategy.”

For more information about Mhitraa and the Indian EcoCagile, contact: mhitraa(at) or visit

Straight from the Brand Lab!

Mhitraa will very soon feature a new logo! The brand change of Mhitraa aligns with the new concept for the Ecoclean brand, showing that we in India are also driven by innovation and inspired by technology. Exclusively for our EcoCnews readers, here it is:

Important Note: Company Renaming

Following the sale of Dürr’s business unit Ecoclean to the Shenyang Blue Silver Group (SBS Group), Ecoclean was relaunched with renewed momentum as an independent brand under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group. This resulted in a change to the legal names of some of the Ecoclean entities. 




There is no change to the legal names of our entities in China, Switzerland, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. In addition to new names in individual cases, the companies of the SBS Ecoclean Group have a new brand – Ecoclean – along with a new domain name for the website and email addresses:




There may be many questions about the acquisition of Ecoclean by the SBS Group.
The key information at a glance:

How does Dürr relate to the SBS Ecoclean Group?
On March 31, 2017, the SBS Group acquired the majority of the Cleaning and Surface Processing unit Ecoclean from Dürr AG. Since then, Ecoclean markets itself as an independent brand under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group.


Which products does the SBS Ecoclean Group focus on?
Our core business remains concentrated on industrial cleaning and surface processing. There are no changes to machinery development, construction, and installation. The continuity of our business and the consistently high quality of our products and services is guaranteed.

What are the advantages of the SBS Ecoclean Group for Ecoclean?
As Group members, we have 11 entities in 9 different countries. Cliché or not, together we are stronger. Our Group membership provides us with a solid basis that will enable us, on the one hand, to ensure our stability, and, on the other, to invest in growth, innovation, and the pursuit of new ventures.

What kind of structural changes are expected?
Operationally there will be no changes at all. The customary contact persons in sales, service, spare parts supply, and management will remain unchanged for our customers and partners. As a result of the renaming, you will need to update your records.



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