• Cleaning solutions for high purity components

Parts cleaning of high purity components

The cleaning of high-vacuum components (UHV, XHV, UCV) which are used for example in production equipment for the semiconductor industry (e.g. EUV and DUV technology), vacuum technology solutions for science, research and industry, or also high-power laser systems, place extremely high demands on the cleanliness of the components used. Specifications for ultra-fine particle cleanliness down to the nanometer range are the order of the day here. In surface analyses for residues of inorganic substances, the values that are still permissible can be in the atomic percent range, depending on the component. For these tasks in high-tech industries, Ecoclean develops and manufactures cleaning solutions that are optimally tailored to the application. They ensure that the required cleanliness levels are achieved in a stable, sustainable and efficient manner.

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Cleaning technologies for high purity applications

As a globally active full-service provider, Ecoclean covers the entire spectrum of industrial component cleaning. The portfolio also includes solutions for aqueous surface treatment and customized automation. Adapted to the specific requirements and applications (intermediate or final cleaning or cleaning according to Grade 4 to Grade 1, material, component geometry, impurities and cleanliness specifications as well as production environment) of the various high-tech industrial sectors, various system concepts are available for batch and individual component cleaning with water-based media and environmentally compatible solvents. Process technology developed for high-purity applications such as Ultrasonic Plus, Pulse Pressure Cleaning (PPC), low-pressure plasma, drying (e.g. vacuum, infrared and/or high-purity hot-air drying) and media preparation systems ensure stable cleaning results for the most demanding requirements. A contribution to this is also made by the design and equipment of the systems, which are tailored to the very high cleanliness specifications, for example specially adapted materials, surface finishes and processing technologies.

Comprehensive know-how for high purity applications

In order to solve the very different tasks in high-tech industries such as the manufacture of semiconductor production equipment, vacuum components, high-performance measurement and analysis systems and lasers with ultra-short wavelengths in a requirement-oriented, sustainable and efficient manner, comprehensive technological know-how is required on the one hand. On the other hand, it requires knowledge of the applications and physical interrelationships. Thanks to our many years of experience in precision cleaning and numerous completed projects around the globe, we have both. This, in conjunction with the extensive equipment of our High Purity Technology Centers with connected clean rooms and test equipment, enables us to carry out cleaning trials with originally soiled parts under near-production conditions for every task. These feasibility studies enable us to design flexible, technically and economically optimal and sustainable cleaning processes and solutions based on material, component geometry, contamination, cleanliness and throughput requirements - including automation, validation of the cleaning container and/or clean room on request. And this also applies to the ever-increasing number of components that are still cleaned manually today.

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