About the SBS Ecoclean Group

The SBS Ecoclean Group unifies the Ecoclean, UCM and Mhitraa brands and employs a workforce of around 900 in nine countries.

With 11 sites around the globe we develop, produce and market machinery, systems and services for applications involving industrial parts cleaning and degreasing, ultrasonic precision parts cleaning, high-pressure water jet deburring, surface preparation and surface treatment. 

Our competence centers in Monschau and Filderstadt (Germany) are pioneers in technical competencies and provide operational support for the Group companies worldwide through research, development and innovation.

At our Test Centers customers can count on our experienced technical support to carry out cleaning trials using authentic parts off their own production line.

Our parts cleaning & surface processing solutions can be easily integrated into existing production and assembly lines.

Since our clients need more than spare parts, inspection and maintenance, our Services include also modification and consulting with regard to energy efficiency, resource optimization and reduction of CO² emissions.

And because we know how important training is for an optimal parts cleaning and surface processing result, in our Academy we offer seminars, training sessions and hands-on advice.

Hauptquartier SBS Ecoclean Group Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Ecoclean GmbH Filderstadt

Filderstadt (DE)

Ecoclean GmbH Monschau

Monschau (DE)

Ecoclean Technologies S.A.S Le Mans

Le Mans (FR)

UCM AG Rheineck

Rheineck (CH)

Ecoclean UK Alcester

Warwick (UK)

Ecoclean Technologies spol. s r.o. Oslavany

Oslavany (CZ)

Ecoclean Inc. Southfield (MI)

Southfield (US)


Guanajuato (MX)

Ecoclean Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai (CN)

Ecoclean Machines Private Limited Pune

Pune (IN)

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Through the course of time…

  • 2024

    Synergy for Strength: Merger of Ecoclean India and Mhitraa Engineering.

    The SBS Ecoclean Group concentrates its resources and expertise in India. Together in one location, Mhitraa and Ecoclean India strengthen the Group's position in the country and create more opportunities for growth and innovation. This merger enhances customer experience and satisfaction through a unified approach in India.

  • 2023

    SBS Ecoclean Group proactive response the transformative changes in various industries.

    Ecoclean is diversifying its solutions portfolio to address emerging needs such as those related to energy transition, sustainability, and technological advancements. In particular, Ecoclean is expanding its offerings in industrial component cleaning, surface treatment and automation to meet the specific requirements of high-tech and high-purity industries as well as medical technology. In addition, Ecoclean's collaboration with the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) since 2023 marks a significant step toward sustainable energy solutions. Through these initiatives, the Group is staying ahead of industry changes and addressing future challenges and megatrends.

  • 2023

    Ecoclean embarks on the industrialization of a future technology – Development of scalable electrolysis systems

    Electrolysis is a key technology on the road to carbon neutrality. To implement the technology effectively and sustainably, internationally competitive and scalable electrolysis systems in the megawatt range need to be developed swiftly and brought to serial production. Ecoclean GmbH is addressing this task together with the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) in the joint project “EcoLyzer BW.” The company, already renowned as an internationally manufacturer of systems for industrial parts cleaning, is thus expanding its business fields to include a technology of the future. More at www.ecolyzer.com

  • 2023

    The next chapter begins: Inauguration of new plant in Pune!

    In a move to expand its operations and enhance production efficiency, Ecoclean India has shifted its office and factory to a new location in Bhosari, Pune. The state-of-the-art facility boasts cutting-edge technology and modern amenities, positioning the company for continued growth and success. The new facility spans over 22,000 square feet and includes advanced equipment for industrial parts cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and surface treatment solutions. More at www.ecoclean-india.com

  • 2022

    Ecoclean expands capacity for cleaning trials in medical technology – New Test Center for MedTech cleaning applications

    Cleaning trials with original components or test specimens are used to determine which system concept is the right one from the point of view of cleanliness and cost-effectiveness. At the Monschau site, Ecoclean has commissioned a new Test Center with a clean room focused on precision cleaning of MedTech components in 2022. This allows the product-specific development of cleaning processes and process parameters to be determined, as well as ensuring that each part is treated with the validated process parameters and that the required cleanliness is achieved in a stable and reproducible manner.

  • 2022

    Ecoclean expands capacity for high purity cleaning trials - New test center for high purity cleaning applications

    End of November, Ecoclean GmbH inaugurated its new High Purity Test Center at its production site in Dettingen unter Teck. The company has created the facilities and conditions to conduct cleaning trials for high-tech components with extremely high purity requirements. Cleaning trials with the highest cleanliness requirements, for example grades 2 and 1, can be carried out in the final cleaning area, which is located in a validated ISO 7 class cleanroom with ISO 6 zones.

  • 2021

    Conclusion of Carve-Out Process: Journey Completed, new chapter in our history begins.

    In November 2021, Shenyang Blue Silver Group (SBS) announces the successful conclusion of the carve-out process, which is officially closed. With the closure the SBS Ecoclean Group has successfully taken full control of the parts cleaning businesses acquired in 2017. Our independent operation is a milestone that not only strengthens our market position, but also opens new opportunities for growth, internationalization, and diversification. Going forward, we remain committed to driving excellence, fostering innovation, and delivering value to our customers.

  • 2021

    Ecoclean UK at a new location – The perfect environment for finding the optimal cleaning solution. More space for even better support and more extensive testing options – these goals have been realized with the move to the brand-new business premises at Alcester. Ecoclean UK, supplier of forward-looking machinery and services for industrial parts cleaning, precision parts cleaning, deburring and surface treatment, operates since June 2021 from its new premises. It is located at Unit 10A at Arrow Business Park, Alcester Employment Park, Arden Forest Way in Alcester, Warwickshire.


  • 2021

    Ecoclean Connect: the digitalization and remote service platform for improved productivity and competitiveness. Rising quality requirements, stricter traceability demands, more customer-specific projects and shorter delivery times – the challenges faced by manufacturing companies are becoming ever-more diverse. Automation, digitalization and networking are essential prerequisites to overcome these. Ecoclean supports the digital transformation of parts cleaning processes with its innovative cloud solution Ecoclean Connect.


  • 2020

    Ecoclean receives the German Innovation Award in Gold for its EcoCvelox. Ecoclean is among the winners of this year's German Innovation Award, which is presented by the German Design Council. Launched onto the market in 2019, EcoCvelox received the Gold award in the “Machines & Engineering” division of the “Excellence in Business to Business” competition class. Decisive criteria included the degree of innovation, technical quality and function, user benefit and cost-effectiveness.


  • 2020

    Ecoclean launches its new service app which optimizes communication for its customers worldwide. Simple, fast and direct way to customer services. Whether it’s a question about a maintenance job, a technical problem or a spare part that’s needed – the new service app for IOS and Android makes it easy to contact the Service team directly at the relevant Ecoclean branch. The two-way real-time connection via chat function and video telephony with live image transmission allows problems to be solved both quickly and efficiently


  • 2020

    UCMSmartLine, the new highly flexible, modular ultrasonic precision cleaning system. In numerous industries and markets, companies are faced with increasing demands regarding the cleanliness of their parts. These can often only be met with precision cleaning processes tailored to requirements. For such applications, UCM has developed the new, cost-efficient ultrasonic cleaning series UCMSmartLine. Based on standardized modules, it includes integrated electrical and control systems for cleaning, rinsing, drying, loading and unloading processes, as well as a versatile transport system. The modules can be configured to create customized extendable systems for preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning.


  • 2019

    Ecoclean launches the new EcoCvelox, a high-pressure waterjet deburring system combined with low-pressure processes for cleaning. With the completely new system concept EcoCvelox, Ecoclean introduces a highly flexible, modular solution for cost-efficient high-pressure waterjet deburring and cleaning in a single procedure. The process-dependent configurable and expandable machine with integrated linear transport system enables processing of parts with dimensions up to 200 x 200 x 200 mm cycle times of only 15 seconds per palette in the so-called one-piece flow.


  • 2018

    Launch of Ecoclean‘s new facility in Pune
    New name, new logo and new address: Just as happened to other companies of the SBS Ecoclean Group in 2017, our subsidiary in Pune, India has been renamed from Dürr Ecoclean – c/o Schenck RoTec (I) Ltd to Ecoclean Machines Private Limited. Through the SBS Ecoclean Group, Ecoclean in Pune became an independent entity, which has started its own local production of machines under the supervision of the Centers of Competence in Monschau and Filderstadt, Germany. The company changed also its address, moving to a new facility with more space and better infrastructure for production and office.

  • 2018

    Established as ONE Group
    The SBS Ecoclean Group finalized the carve-out process of integrating 100% of the Industrial Parts Cleaning & Surface Processing business unities. The Group employs a workforce of around 900 at its 12 sites in nine countries worldwide, including two Centers of Competence in Germany – Monschau and Filderstadt.

    Global for global – local for local: The brand Ecoclean stands worldwide for Parts Cleaning Solutions & Surface Processing. UCM is the trusted established brand and provider of aqueous fine and ultra-fine cleaning. With Mhitraa, our subsidiary in Chennai (India), the SBS Ecoclean Group shows its flexibility to act as global provider of high-technology, as well as a local provider according to broad knowledge of local specifications and customer needs.


  • 2017

    Dürr Ecoclean becomes Ecoclean!
    In the course of the previous owner change, the SBS Ecoclean Group from now on acts as an independent company group and is launching a new, fresh and modern corporate design with a large-scale marketing campaign at parts2clean in Stuttgart. Another highlight of the show is the Ecoclean SCARA Manipulator, which is demonstrated in a real environment using virtual reality technology. The globally active group of companies thus underpins its position as a global technology and market leader in the field of industrial component cleaning and surface finishing.

  • 2017

    In the 100th year of its existence, the BMW Group ordered the 100th EcoCFlex cleaning plant at Dürr Ecoclean in 2016. The anniversary edition of the flexible robot cell is part of a "triple pack" and equipped with a special varnish. Since the beginning of May 2017, the systems have been used in serial production at the Steyr engine plant.

  • 2017

    As a strategic investor, the Chinese Shenyang Blue Silver Group (SBS) takes the majority of the Dürr Ecoclean Group as of April 1st 2017. Ecoclean will operate as an independent company group in the future. The strategic goal is to further develop the Ecoclean Group in the international market and to expand activities in the field of industrial component cleaning and surface treatment.

  • 2016

    Since December 2016, Dürr Ecoclean is being represented in the United Kingdom with a separate unit as supplier of aqueous and solvent-based cleaning machines. Ecoclean UK Ltd. is based in Warwick (UK), serving customers from the UK and Ireland, offering the possibility to carry out cleaning trials in its own technology center.

  • 2016

    The new EcoCcompact is presented at parts2clean in Stuttgart. The new EcoCcompact is a single-chamber cleaning system for industrial parts cleaning and preservation with non halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols operating under full vacuum – for economical and reliable solvent cleaning applications.

  • 2015

    Dürr Ecoclean is investing in the expansion of its cleaning technology business in India. On 16th of November 2015, Dürr Ecoclean took over the Indian supplier Mhitraa Engineering Equipment Ltd. with more than 50 emplayees based in Chennai. Mhitraa is a leading local specialist in industrial cleaning equipment. The company has close supplier relationships with automotive and motorcycle manufacturers as well as engine suppliers in India.

  • 2014

    At the Innovation Days in Monschau, Dürr Ecoclean presents the latest developments EcoCflex 3 and EcoCdry. The EcoCflex 3 combines modern and proven cleaning processes, such as injection flood washing, spray cleaning or high-pressure applications with the flexibility of the Ecoclean SCARA manipulator. The complete control of the machine and the manipulator is carried out via a CNC control. The demand for space and energy consumption was again significantly reduced. Over 100 EcoCflex 3 systems have now been installed worldwide.

  • 2014

    Dürr Ecoclean continues its innovation campaign and presents the EcoCwave for the first time at parts2clean in Stuttgart. With the EcoCwave, a new all-round talent was developed for aqueous component cleaning. Thanks to its versatility in application, user-specific configuration options and minimized floorspace needs, the EcoCwave enables reduced per-unit costs and stable process quality and is of valuable help in boosting your competitiveness and value-adding performance.

  • 2013

    At parts2clean in Stuttgart, Dürr Ecoclean introduces the EcoCcore for the first time. With the EcoCcore system, Dürr Ecoclean has designed a solvent cleaning machine which is perfectly tailored to satisfy the increasing cleanliness requirements from various industries. The system offers maximum flexibility and high capacity with respect to throughput and volumes, with optimized cost efficiency as the result. In the meantime more than 200 plants are installed worldwide.

  • 2009

    In December 2009, Dürr Ecoclean took over the UCM AG in Rheineck (CH) with around 50 employees, which is specialized in ultrasonic precision cleaning systems. The integration of the UCM makes Dürr Ecoclean a complete supplier for all types of industrial cleaning applications, from pre-cleaning to intermediate cleaning and fine-cleaning requirements.

  • 2006

    Dürr Ecoclean Monschau presents the EcoCtrans and EcoCflex Classic cleaning systems for the first time. The EcoCtrans stands for a high-performance transfer cleaning system in a consistently modular design. The EcoCflex is a flexible robot-based cleaning system. The various cleaning processes take place in the center of the treatment chamber. 10 bar systems for pre-treatment using rigid spray systems or a multi-functional container for power injection flood washing can be installed. In the meantime, more than 500 robot cells have been sold worldwide.

  • 2006

    Dürr Ecoclean is expanding its activities in the field of industrial cleaning technology in India with an own site in Pune. The main focus of the production program is on industrial cleaning systems for automotive and industrial customers. Teh Pune site approximately employs 20 people in administration, sales and service.

  • 2005

    Acquisition of Agullo Chekia in Oslavany (Czech Republic). With more than 60 employees, the focus is on the production of the EcoCcompact and Minio 85C solvent cleaning systems for the global market.

  • 2004

    Dürr Ecoclean is expanding its activities in the field of industrial cleaning technology with a production site in Shanghai (China). The main focus of the production program is on industrial cleaning systems for automotive and industrial customers. Shanghai has more than 160 employees in administration, sales, engineering and production.

  • 1998

    Second symposium of the Dürr Ecoclean Monschau with presentation of the KVI machine technology. By combining spray and injection flood washing, both the outer sides as well as hard-to-access bores and cavities of workpieces are perfectly cleaned. In the meantime, over 150 plants are installed worldwide.

  • 1996

    Expansion of the activities in the field of industrial cleaning technology to the North American continent with the opening of an external office under the umbrella of Dürr Automation Inc. in Wixom, MI (USA). Meanwhile, the Ecoclean Inc. site is located in Southfield, MI (USA), with more than 70 employees.

  • 1996

    The Dürr cleaning technology is separated out. The Dürr AG, the world's leading system supplier for automotive paint shops, combines the activities of its product range "Industrial Cleaning Technology" as a separate company on 1st of January 1996. The new company is registered under the name of Dürr Ecoclean GmbH, based in Filderstadt. It is wholly owned by teh Dürr AG. This step is intended to increase the competitiveness according to the words of Dürr CEO Hans Dieter Pötsch.

  • 1993

    In the Industrial Cleaning Division, the company has set itself the goal of planning and implementing technically, economically and ecologically optimized cleaning systems. The Industrial Cleaning division is based on the locations in Monschau, which develops customer-specific high-tech cleaning systems for automotive customers as well as Filderstadt, which mainly manufactures standardized cleaning systems for the general industry. Stic Hafroy is covering the entire French cleaning market.

    Revenue: DM 138 million (€ 70.56 million)
    Order Inflow: DM 120 million (€ 61.36 million)
    602 employees

  • 1992

    Dürr Ecoclean Monschau presents the DGI & SFI machine technology for the first time at a symposium. A proven cleaning process based on injection flood washing (IFW) with a linear flooding system and subsequent spray treatment. The optional high-pressure waterjet deburring solves additional deburring tasks. In the meantime, over 250 systems are installed worldwide.

  • 1989

    Dürr takes over the industrial cleaning specialist Stic Hafroy S.A. in Loué, France. The main focus of the production program was on industrial cleaning and automation systems, which are primarily used within the manufacturing lines of the automotive industry. Meanwhile, the Ecoclean Technologies S.A.S. based in Le Mans, employs approximately 35 people in administration, sales, engineering and production.

  • 1985

    Commercial integration of the Dürr Ecoclean into the Dürr GmbH as an own busienss segment Industrial Cleaning Technology based in Zuffenhausen. Sales Filderstadt: 24.5 million DM with 177 orders.

  • 1971

    Foundation of the Dürr Ecoclean Monschau site on 3rd of May 1971. The main focus of the production program at that time were industrial cleaning systems, which are mainly used within the manufacturing lines of the automotive industry. Over a total area of over 10,000 m², more than 250 employees are now employed in administration, sales, design and production.

  • 1956

    The success story of today's Ecoclean Group began in 1956 with the start of production at the Filderstadt plant, then under the name of Deinert Galvanotech. At that time, the main focus of the production program was on industrial cleaning plants, which are mainly used in general industry. After expansion and renovation in the years 1990 and 2000, Ecoclean now employs around 200 employees in administration, sales, engineering and manufacturing on a total area of more than 10,000 m² .


Mission & Vision

Ecoclean Vision Statement

Our Vision

  • We are the global leader in industrial cleaning technology and surface processing.
  • Focused on our customer’s needs, we are inspired by technology and driven by innovation.
  • Our products and services are benchmark.
Ecoclean Mission Statement

Our Mission

  • We act long-term orientated for sustainable partnership with customers and suppliers.
  • We invest in innovation to support our customers to succeed.
  • We ensure production efficiency through the quality of our products and services.
  • We expand our global presence constantly.

Ecoclean Values Statement

Our Values

  • We stand for an open-minded culture, which appreciates diversity and creativity.
  • We think and act as an entrepreneur.
  • We work solution-oriented, sustainable and trustworthy.
  • We care about social and environmental responsibilities.

Mission & Vision


Hongsheng Guo

Managing Director and Group CEO

Since April 2017, Mr. Guo is Managing Director of SBS Ecoclean GmbH and Group CEO of the SBS Ecoclean Group.

  • Born in 1962 in Shenyang, China
  • Founded in 1996 the SBS Group in China under the motto “technology drives the future”
  • Acquired the Cleaning & Surface Processing Business from Dürr AG in March 2017

Dr. Zhisen Yu

Managing Director SBS Ecoclean GmbH; Group CFO, SBS Ecoclean Group; Managing Director Ecoclean GmbH, Germany

Dr. Yu joined SBS Ecoclean Group since 01.01.2017 as Group CFO. He is responsible for all Finance and Control related aspects of the Group as well as Group Compliance, HR/Organization and Group IT. With effect from April 17, 2023, Dr. Zhisen Yu has been appointed to the company management as commercial managing director of Ecoclean GmbH. Additionally, with effect from October 13, 2023, he was nominated as Managing Director of SBS Ecoclean GmbH (Headquarters of the SBS Ecoclean Group).  

  • Born in 1983 in China
  • Granted with Dr. rer. oec. in 2013 in Germany
  • Joined SBS Ecoclean Group in 2017
  • Responsible of all financial issues of the Group as well as Group HR and Group IT
  • Member of the Management Board of Ecoclean GmbH, Germany
  • Managing Director of SBS Ecoclean GmbH, Germany

Michael Förster

Chairman of the Board of Management Ecoclean GmbH, Germany

Michael Förster has been with Ecoclean for more than 30 years. In November 2010 he took over the position as Chairman of the Board of Management of today’s Ecoclean GmbH.  Michael Förster is in charge of the automotive business of the Ecoclean Group in Europe and Asia and responsible for Precision Cleaning and Surface Processing worldwide.

  • Born in 1962 in Belgium
  • Joined Ecoclean GmbH Monschau in 1987
  • President of Ecoclean Technologies SAS in France, Managing Director of Ecoclean Technologies spol. s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, Member of the Supervisory Board of UCM AG in Switzerland

Ralf Dienel

Managing Director Ecoclean GmbH, Germany

Ralf Dienel has been with Ecoclean for more than 20 years. In 2011 he took over the position of
Vice President Operations at the Filderstadt site. From April 2018 Ralf Dienel is the Managing Director of Ecoclean GmbH and holds responsibility for the Center of Competence in Filderstadt.

  • Born in 1966 in Nigeria
  • Joined Dürr Ecoclean GmbH in 1996
  • Responsible for Industrial Cleaning business
  • Managing Director of Ecoclean GmbH in Filderstadt, Member of the Management Board of Ecoclean Machines Pvt. Ltd in Pune, India and of Mhitraa Engineering Equipments Pvt Ltd. in Chennai, India

Mark Jackson

CEO Ecoclean Inc., USA

In April 2018 Mark Jackson took over the position as CEO of Ecoclean, Inc. Southfield, Michigan. He is responsible for the cleaning and surface processing business of the SBS Ecoclean group in the NAFTA countries.

  • Born 1961 in the United Kingdom
  • Joined Dürr Ecoclean, Warwick, UK in 1991 as Sales and Proposals Manager
  • In 1996 joined the Sales Department of Dürr Inc., USA as Sales and Proposals Manager, later as Sales Director and VP of Sales
  • 2010 - 2013 VP Global Business Development and Product-Line-Management at Dürr Inc.
  • 2013 - 2018 General Manager of an automotive machine manufacturer in the Detroit area
  • April 2018 return to Ecoclean under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group as CEO of Ecoclean, Inc.

Frank Gijsen

CEO Ecoclean Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China

In January 2020 Frank Gijsen took over the position as CEO of Ecoclean Machinery in Shanghai, China. He is responsible for the industrial parts cleaning and surface processing business of the SBS Ecoclean Group in China and Southeast Asia.

  • Born in 1969 in Belgium
  • He has over 25 years’ experience in international machinery companies, mainly in the automotive and industrial business field and he has a distinct affiliation with the Chinese market (living in China since 2004)
  • From 2004 to 2010 he was Operations Manager and later General Manager of the subsidiary of a German manufacturer for coolant filtration systems in Shanghai
  • From 2010 to 2014 he worked at the subsidiary of a German engineering company. From 2010 to 2012 he worked as Sales Director of the industrial parts cleaning business unit. Afterwards he was General Manager of the business unit for filling machines and test solutions for the automotive and industrial market, and for refrigeration and air conditioning production lines
  • Between 2014 and 2019 he worked in different roles as Sales Director, General Manager and independent Consultant for a Chinese and several European automation and machinery engineering companies, acting as bridge between Europe and China

Environment & Quality Certificates


In an effort to constantly improve and develop our processes, we regularly have the efficiency of our processes and management systems checked and certified.

Quality Management

SBS Ecoclean stands for excellence in product quality and reliability in the execution of our projects. Our quality is based on the consciententiousness of our staff combined with a positive working environment. This includes monitoring our products, operating procedures and processes with the aim of improving them. The implementation of our quality principles in production and project execution is governed by the Ecoclean Standards and the Ecoclean Quality Management System. 

Environmental Management System

SBS Ecoclean is a mechanical and plant engineering group and a global market leader. All members of staff at SBS Ecoclean comply with relevant environmental laws and requirements. These demonstrate how committed we are to adhering to the group's environmental and quality related principles:

  • Products are adapted as soon as possible to comply with changes in the legal framework (legal certainty)
  • Use of low emission products to minimize sound, air and water emissions
  • Resource saving products to minimize use of fresh and waste water, energy and materials
  • Making full use of recycling facilities
  • Keeping the amount of waste produced to a minimum
Environment & Quality Certificates

General Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of purchase

Below are the SBS Ecoclean general terms and conditions of purchase, delivery and installation.

Declaration on export restrictions

SBS Ecoclean has ordered parts from your company that will be delivered to a final destination country outside the EU, and may therefore be subject to export restrictions. Please fill out and sign the questionnaire and send it back to the Purchasing department together with the order confirmation.

Employee rights

The contractor hereby irrevocably undertakes to comply with the aforementioned employee protection rights applicable under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction.

General Terms & Conditions
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