• Component cleaning solutions and systems in the general industry

Parts cleaning in the general industry

The general industry comprises numerous sectors that process components made from a wide variety of materials using different production technologies. Products include, for example, cast and machined parts, stamped, bent, pressed and deep-drawn parts, hydraulic and pneumatic parts and additively manufactured components. To ensure the quality of subsequent processes such as heat treatment, coating, bonding and assembly, as well as a lasting flawless function, the parts need to fulfil specific cleanliness requirements. In many sectors, increasingly stringent demands in terms of particulate and thin-film cleanliness must be met. At the same time, high throughput rates, heavy weights, short delivery times and, in some cases, low profit margins pose a challenge. To perform these cleaning tasks, Ecoclean offers a range of optimally designed, flexible and energy-efficient solutions. As a result, the most diverse cleanliness requirements can be met using a reliable process that is both application-oriented and highly cost-efficient.

Cleaning technologies for the general industry

Ecoclean is a full-range supplier of future-oriented, globally available solutions for industrial parts cleaning, aqueous surface treatment and customized automation. Adapted to the specific requirements and applications (e.g. manufacturing level, type of contamination, cleanliness demands, throughput, weight), different systems are available for batch cleaning with water-based media and environmentally compatible solvents. With innovative systems that clean and deburr single parts in a single process, we also help you to keep unit costs as low as possible. Our solutions for dry cleaning or surface treatment make it possible to carry out partial part cleaning tasks or surface activation in an effective and efficient manner.

Comprehensive cleaning expertise for the general industry

To solve the highly varied tasks encountered in the general industry in a requirement-oriented, sustainable and efficient way, comprehensive technological expertise is indispensable. However, application know-how is also called for. Through our many years of experience as well as numerous successfully completed projects for large, medium-sized and small enterprises in nearly all areas of the general industry, we have both. This, in conjunction with our extensively equipped Technology Centres, enables us to carry out cleaning tests on original-soiled parts under near-production conditions in order to solve any cleaning task. Based on the respective material, component geometry, type of contamination, cleanliness and throughput requirements, we develop flexible cleaning solutions that are not only technically and economically optimized but also future-proof - and also automate them if desired.

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