Custom solutions – The cleaning solution tailor-made for your application/task

Custom-designed special systems are always used when the right cleaning solution cannot be found even in such an extensive range of series and modified standard systems as those offered by Ecoclean. Reasons for companies in the remanufacturing, plant engineering, aerospace, tube manufacturing and high purity sectors (e.g. manufacturers of production equipment for the semiconductor industry) to opt for a special system include component or batch size, cleanliness requirements to be achieved, very high throughput demands and special processes (surface treatments such as phosphating, dephosphating, descaling, roughening). 

Optimally adapted for maximum cost efficiency

Whether batch or individual part cleaning, in the case of special systems, on the one hand the system concept - single or multi-chamber system, in-line immersion system, continuous flow system - and the cleaning chemistry (water-based cleaners or solvents) are optimally matched to the cleaning task. This also includes the materials used in the construction of the plant and the design of relevant components. On the other hand, the use of appropriate process technology such as spraying, immersion, pressure flooding, injection flood washing, ultrasound, ultrasound+, pulse pressure cleaning (PPC), high-pressure jets and plasma, as well as drying technologies ranging from infrared drying, hot-air drying and vacuum drying (also in combination), enable the required cleaning result to be achieved with maximum cost efficiency and resource conservation. If required, we also provide automation and the most suitable cleaning containers as well as workpiece fixtures and project a required clean room.

Users benefit from:

  • Technology-open consulting that includes all aspects of component cleaning
  • Decades of experience in almost all industrial sectors
  • Tailor-made cleaning solution optimally designed for the specific application
  • Complete solution on request - cleaning, automation, baskets and, if required, cleanroom - from a single source
  • Resource-conserving and energy-efficient process design for high cost efficiency and sustainability



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