Bundled expertise for climate protection

Electrolysis uses electrical energy to split water into its constituents hydrogen and oxygen. If renewably generated electricity (wind power or photovoltaics) is used in the process, green hydrogen is produced, a key component for the energy transition and climate neutrality. The process, also known as power-to-gas, is one of the so-called power-to-X technologies. They use green electricity to convert energy into a form more useful for specific applications, such as gas, heat or liquid energy carriers.


In the funded project "EcoLyzer BW", the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) is pooling its expertise to make green hydrogen technology fit for the future. The aim is to develop an internationally competitive, scalable electrolysis system, rapidly build up corresponding production capacities and market it worldwide.

Single Piece Cleaning

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