Equipment training for users (batch cleaning, single part cleaning, ultra-fine cleaning)

We offer technical courses designed specifically to meet your needs.

Benefit from instantly available practical expertise regarding the following subjects:

  • Functions of Ecoclean or UCM cleaning systems
  • Human-machine interface / equipment operation
  • Safety aspects
  • Carrying out basic maintenance and cleaning work
  • Product-specific settings
  • Correct interpretation of simple error messages and appropriate responses
  • Tips on how to keep your system running as trouble-free as possible

Target group: Repairers, maintenance staff, operators, planners.

Course dates: year-round, on request.

Venue: Academy Filderstadt, Monschau, Rheineck, or locally for your personnel.

Course fee:
The course fee will depend on the intensity, scope and duration of the activity.

Contact us to request further information or a personal consultation.

Academy Filderstadt

Phone: +49 711 7006-0
Email: academy.filderstadt(at)

Academy Monschau

Phone: +49 2472 83-501
Email: academy.monschau(at)